Trips to India

Trips to Meherabad

Would you like to go to India and bask in the energy of the Avatar of the Age?

Have the unique opportunity to go to Meherabad and immerse yourself into fifth dimension and seventh dimensional energies cannot be found anywhere else on the planet!

Especially you get a chance to go into the tomb of Avatar Meher Baba and to experience some of the highest frequencies available to us at this point in time on the planet.

Why spend lots of money on counselling or healing when a trip to Meherabad for 14 days could allow you to experience more higher plane energies than you have encountered in the whole of this lifetime?



I will be acting as your guide on many different levels and this will help smooth the experience for you! Many can struggle to go India even if they want to, so I am making it very easy for you.

I will be organising trips to involve lodging food and transport in India as part of the fee. Also I will be doing a workshop in Meherabad to work with the energies that are there within a collective focus. And there will also be one-to-one sessions with everyone who attends.

The only things you will have to pay for is a Flight/visa plus small amount of spending money.


Costs                   14 DAY TRP TO MEHERABAD

£750 – ($980)     all food and lodgings plus transport to and from the Airport to Meherabad.

This will include a workshop and two personal healing sessions whilst there.


£300-£500          Flight from UK (varies tremendously from other parts of the world)


£200 – ($260)     Spending money in India approx..


Please email me if you’re interested in going on a trip and I can contact you regarding more details. At the moment these trips may be on demand but two potential times do stand out. Leaving may be second of January to avoid expense of trips at Christmas time but also benefit from the Christmas holidays. The other time would be some point in the summertime July to September.


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