Supra Mental

Supra Mental beings and Cosmic Devas reside here. This plane is the abode of Gods and Goddesses of the Highest Command.

Council of Elders

Otherwise known as Elderlings, the high council which governs all of life and make decisions regarding all of creation.

Crystalline Palace

This is the realm of Shamballa where crystalline beings dwell and where the order of the crystalline rays abide.

Crystalline Archives

Here is stored the latent memories and encodements that step down to create the other planes of existence.

Inter Galactic

From this point the solar body reaches out into the Inter Galactic connecting with those who dwell far from earth space on the inner and outer planes.


This is the realm from which the Masters work on all those in physical form. Here is the Avatars Abode.


This realm is comprised of angelic beings of the highest order, which overlook and guide those in physical form.

Extra Terrestrial

Here we find beings of a higher order that manifest and control the inner space around the earth and solar system.

Inter Stella

The Inter Stella body connects to the mind of one, through extra terrestrial energy grids in the inner planes.

Etheric Structure

This is the place where the etheric meets the astral in term of creating fusion of physical and emotional energies.

Blueprint Body

The raw component that lays out the structure for the physical body manifest in matter.

Kinesic Template Level

This is the template for physical reality creating a fusion of etheric, astral and mental lights.

Ring Pass Not

This was created by the Dark Lodge so that while on earth souls would forget their spiritual connection, and not pass into the inner existence.

Physical Body

This is the thing that you live in!

Incarnation Vortex

Through this vortex of energy the individualised soul aspect passed thorough the ring pass not and into physical reality.

Etheric Blueprint

Here is the map for the physical form, and also the residues created through physical incarnation.

Demiurgic Structure
This is the encasement of Maya within the etheric make up of the human being in physicality.

Etheric Body

The etheric body forms around the inner space of the physical body, and is the most inner space of the aura.

Etheric Shells

These remain from past lives, and present situations. They are the residue bodies of etheric matter, which are no longer needed.


Here many different lower beings feed on the humans emotional and mental negative energies.

Etheric Funnel

Here the Astral body passes down into the ethic structure, and thus the astral light too is stepped down a phase.

Cordings/Dark Guide Influence/ET 

Here through the influence of the Dark Lodge, negative seed influences are directed implanted straight into the astral space of an individual.

Astral Light
This light forms around the astral body as a form of protections, and also feeding the inner essence of the etheric body on a subtle level.

Astral Structures

These impressions represent past, present and future life influences that has magnetically formed within the astral bodies inner space.

Astral Glamour

This glamour is the result of the sum total of emotional desires and impulses, which form a magnetic field around the astral body pulling like-minded energy into its orbit.

Astral Filter

Here the mental light is transformed into astral light so it can pass through the astral levels towards the physical planes.

Conditioning and Mental Patterning

On the lower mental levels are found the forms of conditioning, socialisation and inhibition that form the keynote of the human condition.

Mental Light Vortex

Here we bring down the energy of the highest through the vehicle of the mental light, which is passed through many levels to reach and acceptable form to enter the astral planes.

Seed Thoughtforms

These thoughtforms represent the base underlying thoughts of humanity which lie in the unconscious mind.

Conceptual Structures

These life forms are created by the activity of the mind, and they dwell in the mental planes feeding of negative emissions.

Paramatma Light

This light filters down from the Beyond God essence to the mental planes and onward, where it is diluted to become digestible by those in other planes of existence.

Mental Light Inhibitor

This filter steps down the energy of light from the mental planes so that is does not short circuit those who receive it further down the line.

Mental Glamour

This is where the residue of past thought and impressions reside in the form of raw energy.

Parmatma Body

This is the highest light body consisting of the purest light in creation.

Soul Group Body/Monad

This is the collective body of all in creation. From here those in physical form who are members of the spiritual hierarchy make decisions regarding the unfoldment of reality.

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