Escape the Matrix!

We have a wee problem on our hands!

We are coming to the realization that our many of our spirit guides are up to no good. Ascended Masters aren’t who they seem and whole systems on earth have been subverted by the Dark Lodge.

Of course it has been like this for a long time, however for many the truth is a bitter pill to swallow!

There is a field of consciousness within which beings on earth exist. This consciousness was created as an extension of the infinite field of consciousness that is known as God or source. It is within this state of consciousness at the beings on earth can experience duality.

However in order to have this experience with this field of consciousness had to become a mirror opposite of God’s attributes. This is because to create duality we have need to have light and dark. As the true aspect of God is light and love therefore this mirror aspect of God had to become darkness and fear.

In Christianity this ‘anti-God’ was called Satan. In Gnosticism it is the corrupt Demiurge. In Hinduism it is Maya – the great illusion of reality.

This world exists within the dream of the Demiurge. However our true consciousness is derived straight from Source itself. The rest of creation is contained within the dream of source and the beyond God.

Within this reality within the dream world of Maya/the Demiurge/Satan we have been directly interfered with. This Cosmic Being is but a small portion of the Universal God but quite separate from it. Therefore it believes that it is God itself (which of course it isnt!)

This Demiurge was one of the creators of humanity. Therefore a lot of older religious texts that have bloodthirsty ‘Creator Gods’ are about the Demiurge.

There came a time in our distant past when man was demoted to be better controlled by certain negative beings who took control of earth at that time.

Our psychic powers were limited, disease and aging introduced along with many different implants designed to essentially cut humanity off from their soul including the chakra system.

Lives were limited and you were forced into a constant cycle of incarnation after incarnation, with no memories left of your past lives or self.

Pain and suffering were introduced and the rest of humanity were spilt into the many different cultures and languages we see today so that it would be easier to get man to fight amongst himself in a constant cycle of war after war. . . .

As the dark agencies took control at the Earth at beginning the great dark age or Kali Yuga, numerous negative entities came in to feed on the variety of negative emotions and thoughts available. Many of these beings were of extra-terrestrial origins but also took on the roles of dark Angels or Archons. The earth became a feeding ground for fear and many other energies that were present at that time.

This was decreed to come to pass for a time on earth until the beginning of the great golden age which happens at the end of the 10 world ages or the Maha yuga.


The One True Reality

If you were to drop your body and perceive this reality from the perspective of the True Higher Planes you would see that everything is bliss, everything is light and everything is God.

This is because this is the True One Reality – only God exists!

This planet is the most exciting of Gods great creation as it has been specifically designed as the one place where beings can incarnate and experience duality. The problem for lower and higher beings in creation is that their own realms offer a somewhat limited experience. In the Higher Realms there is no fear, disease or suffering. Therefore beings started to queue up for a life down on earth to experience light and dark, positive and negative and so on.

In fact a life in service to aid the drama of the Transformation of the Earth was exciting as it was but however a being of True Light cannot truly measure itself or know itself without experiencing its opposite. Of course such a being wouldn’t incarnate in an astral hell!

Earth provided the unique experience you needed to grow, which is why your Soul jumped at the chance of a life down here. However once down here in the ‘sewers’ some may have regretted their eagerness to incarnate on earth. What looks easy when observing may prove tricky once you try it – and for many like you have not ever had lives on earth before in the normal sense.

Once stuck to the ‘fly-paper’ of Maya its not so easy to get free!

This is the world we are living in and we cannot avoid all negativity while we are here as that would be impossible!

There is a storm coming in the next 2 years things are gonna get tough. Better hang onto God as the one true reality. The system is about to fall apart as too much structural damage had been done. Lots more intense stuff is about to go down. The Dark Lodge have essentially lost the final battle of heaven and earth and are therefore making a last ditch attempt to pull humanity over the edge! Actually this will be the tipping point for human consciousness. All those of the light need to focus now as well if we are to succeed.

Work is needed as always with spirituality nothing comes easy.


Interference, Discernment and the Will

We have realized that behind the light masters is the Demiurge and the Dark Lodge. But ask yourself what is behind them.

They might believe that they are all powerful however they are deluded . . . God is behind them running the show let us not forget. That is because when you go beyond light and dark and duality – God is all that there is!

You have to remember not to take it personally which is hard considering we are coming from the ego.

We are aware the dark manipulation all around but we have the limitation of viewing this with human awareness and a human personality.

Yes we have been interfered with almost every level, however we choose to experience this. We choose to incarnate into this limiting human body so that we could come to know ourselves as God.

That is the truly unique opportunity that being on earth offers us at this time – to achieve God Realization is the highest Goal!

You have to use your intuition and trust your heart to know the truth as the truth will set you free. If you turn to the one true God and your True Higher Self then you should be able to tell who is truly working for the divine or not.

We have to now transcend light and dark, and reach back to our source and touch the beyond God from where all creation, all life and everything originated from.

In the midst of this new knowledge it is easy to become mistrustful of the information perpetrated by religions, spiritual teachers and so on. However we must trust our hearts. There has always been true spiritual hierarchy on earth in India in the form of the perfect masters and their agents.

There is now living in the West many true members of the spiritual hierarchy living in physical form who are genuine agents for the divine. The Western world has now become the home for the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth as we are now fully into the New Age typified by the Aryan Root Race.

Just because this reality exists within the conscious mind of the Demiurge doesn’t mean everything is false . . . We have to operate within the parameters we have been given. We are working in physicality, in the 3rd dimension and within the world of duality.

To achieve true spiritual liberation is almost impossible in this day and age, however times are a changing.

There is much misinformation everywhere that you turn . . . .

Demand to connect with the True God, the Beyond God and those of the True Spiritual Hierarchy. Be very clear what you ask for!


The True Christ and the Avatar

The works of Alice Bailey are clear and surprisingly ahead of the times. This is ironic as channeling now has become such an unreliable practice which has been hijacked by the Dark Lodge and filled with misinformation.

The great invocation written by Alice bailey calls for the Christ to return to earth. The Christ is also known as the Avatar. In Hinduism there are 10 Avatars within the Maha Yuga, or great age. Jesus Christ was actually only a minor incarnation of the Avatar.

The name of one of these Avatars is the name of God which is the greatest proof against the Dark Lodge and any negative energies you may be facing!

The prominent Avatars you may have heard of are Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus Christ. If you use the name of any of these Avatars you will have a direct link to the highest God and the highest source. However the Dark Lodge is done its best to get in your way when doing so, particularly in the case of Jesus Christ. Anyone using that name and coming from a Christian energetic set up may well not reach Jesus at all!

Of course most importantly are the perfect masters who traditionally lived in India and now have started to appear in the Western world. When an Avatar incarnates they need to visit the perfect masters in physical form in order to be awakened. Jesus Christ travelled India in his 20’s in secret to do this. Of course this was edited out of the New Testament . . .

However there are many fake masters and many fake Avatars claiming to be the Christ returned. If you are well connected with your higher self you should be able to discern the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and know which masters are actually divine.

One who has been a perfect master for sometime now is Mother Meera. She lives in Germany and works directly with humanity with the Paramatma light. Such a masters work is so important and beyond human conception!

With the 10 major Avatars it was prophesied that the 10th would be the Kalki Avatar who would come at the end of the dark age, or Kali Yuga to redeem mankind and to usher in a new golden age on earth. The Kalki Avatar is supposed to destroy all the negativity within the world. This Avatar is also sometimes known as Maitreya and is even mentioned in the Bible on a white horse with a sword striking down the nation’s rulers and destroying evil.

The Christ that Alice baileys great invocation is calling to return to earth is this Kalki Avatar!

The Dark Lodge exploited this human need for a savior and frequently has played on this within the many religions and spiritual movements on earth. However the Avatar is actually that savior. But the Avatar expects you to do the work and not to sit back waiting to be rescued.

As Divine Agents on earth we are the Avatars instruments of change!

The good news is that the Kalki Avatar and the True Christ has already returned to earth in the form of Avatar Meher Baba. He said that during the Avataric Age of 100 years between 1969 and 2069 the world would be transformed from 75% dark to 75% light. It is due to the inner work of Avatar Meher Baba during his lifetime that we are sitting now in a world on the brink of supreme change!
In fact if you look below the surface this change is much deeper than you might think for Meher Baba has changed every single human on earth internally.



‘I have come not to teach but to awaken. Understand therefore that I lay down no precepts.

Throughout eternity I have laid down principles and precepts, but mankind has ignored them . . .You have asked for and been given enough words — it is now time to live them . . .When I release the tide of Truth which I have come to give, men’s daily lives will be the living precept. The words I have not spoken will come to life in them.

My present Avataric Form is the last incarnation of this cycle of time, hence my manifestation will be the greatest . . . All this world confusion and chaos was inevitable and no one is to blame. What had to happen has happened; and what has to happen will happen. There was and is no way out except through my coming in your midst. I had to come, and I have come. I am the Ancient One.’

– Avatar Meher Baba.


An Introduction to the Avatar:


Look at this picture of Avatar Meher Baba and feel into His energy. Get a sense of the energy radiating out from Him and into the world.


Call in your Higher Self. Ask if he really is the Christ reborn on earth at this time.

Get a sense of being enveloped in the energy of the Avatar, the True Christ which is pure 7th dimensional energy.

Trust your heart and your True Guidance always!

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


Nicholas Russell


The Beginnings on Earth

Earth was a holographic experiment that would allow beings who consisted of pure energy a very important experience and that was of physicality and duality.

As 99 percent of creation is made of pure subatomic energy the Hierarchy of Beings within these realms wished to experience these things. In fact the earth was an extension of the little experiment Source was running – called creation. That is to experience every possible nuance and reality!

Yes guys that does mean darkness and suffering as well. .  . You have to bear in mind that from the perspective of Source and the Higher Realms pain and suffering are just another form of blissful existence. Beyond this duality, beyond this illusion, beyond light and dark there is only bliss.

Source is pure and infinite field of consciousness and bliss. However it wanted to experience its own infinity. Therefore a problem presented itself. Being infinite energy, how can one experience oneself?

This caused a bit of an issue!

So Source decided to split itself into it component pieces by splitting itself into its opposites. ‘Let there be light’ and light and dark were created.

Male and female followed. The First Divine Mother and Father were created. The original beings came forth – huge Devic Gods in their own rights.

From here all the dimensions, realms and beings within creation were created. Higher realms were created for the Divine Beings and lower realms were created for the beings with a Low Aspect.

Now we get back to our little experiment. The problem was that for these beings had a limited experience. The Higher realms they could only experience bliss and everything good. Within the lower planes they could only experience fear and everything bad.

Therefore an agreement was struck. Earth would become a place where beings could incarnate and experience for the first time positive and negative at the same time!

At this time higher beings in the lower beings came to earth in physical form as the Gods many of our religious texts. Man was primarily created from one of the higher beings races of Pleidian origins and had as such divine awareness and capabilities.

However in order to create duality God had to divide itself one more. As Gods True Essence is Light and Love then a lower ‘God’ had to be created as the opposite of that – being darkness and fear.

This lower God or Demiurge encapsulated this universe thereby making the full spectrum of experience available for humanity. Beings that incarnated can experience joy and happiness, fear and hatred all at the same time!

Therefore as we went into the time of the ‘Garden of Eden’ the Demiurge began to downgrade the capabilities of humans before moving into the second root race to make them more easily to control. In fact the Demiurge posed as God Almighty, as can be seen in many older religious texts.

This is why many of the creator Gods we hear about like the God of the Old Testament were vengeful, controlling and judgmental. The Demiurge and its agents masqueraded themselves as God or Gods in an effort to try and lead humanity away from their true spirit. Of course you can see this most clearly in this teachings of Christianity which many Gnostics believed came from Satan and not God!

The original human wasn’t self-conscious. The story of Adam and Eve was the story of the Demiurge adding the element of dark or the shadow self to man. The Demiurge appears both as God who forbids man to seek knowledge and the serpent who tempts man.

Going into the second root race in the Sumerian age balance on earth shifted 75% light, to 50% light and 50% dark. This meant was there is a shift of power and it meant some of the more powerful lower beings had more of say. They became the Demons and the vengeful Gods of many of the religious scripts of the Earth. The higher beings are on earth were empowered to as the as the good Gods of legend.

In fact this time was much like the Greek legends about the Gods fighting amongst themselves. Many of the great structures of the world created at this time including the pyramids, which were used as Stargate’s to other dimensions.

There are great to battles on earth and a great many places were laid to waste. Including lands in Assyria, Iran and areas like this where the second root race lived on earth at that time. Many of these lands are wastelands even today!

Moving into the third root race the light on earth increased to 75% as we moved into the Lemurian root race. Humanity began to evolve as this was a golden age and many great civilizations spanned the world.

However there was a great battle between light and dark on earth which was documented in the Ramayana at the end of this world age. This was the time in biblical terms of Babylon where the many people of Earth achieved great things, travelled to other dimensions and were spread amongst across the Earth with mighty civilizations. Many of the remnants of these civilizations can be seen today in Egypt and South America.

However the Demiurge made an effort to drag down the whole of humanity moving them closer towards the Maha Kali Yuga, or Great Dark Age. It was decreed at this time that the Demiurge’s influence would be greater.

Cunningly humanity was divided into different the nations, given different languages and interfered with energetically to enable man to be ‘divided and conquered’. Chakra systems were brought in at this time which were designs to limit man’s connection to the divine.

A concerted effort was made by the Demiurge to steer man in the wrong direction away from true spirit and to worship the fake vengeful Gods created by it.

Moving into the fourth Atlantian Root Race the light quotient dropped to 50%. At this time existed a multidimensional framework and the many different higher and lower beings were present on earth at this time.

As this age was dominated by the mind and technology man began to lose its way.

Yet another battle between light and dark took place on the earth and it was decided much would change as mankind began to head into the great dark-age. Also in this age mankind became more likely to argue and fight amongst themselves according to the demiurgic influence.

As the decline of man led to the fall of Atlantis itself and the apocalypse which always occurs at the end of the world age numerous negative beings moved into the inner space surrounding the Earth.

These Archons or anti-Angels would seek to manipulate mankind and to drag them into all of the most negative emotions possible so that these are energies could be harvested and then sold to the highest bidder!

Other beings and entities moved in as well like the Greys and many other lower order of entities.

The ‘Gods’/Higher Beings were banished from the earth after the great flood at the end of the Atlantean age. The multidimensional gates were closed as humanity and the Earth moved into the third density. These beings continue to exist energetically with the inner realms, whilst the earth became much more-denser and physical in nature and reality.

It was at this point the man was severely downgraded in terms of DNA, chakras systems, and the capabilities of the mind psychically speaking. It was decided to try and limit man’s life as much as possible. In the Atlantean age many lived to 900 years or beyond, however in the fifth age it was decided to limit man’s age to 90.

As the fifth root race came in the light quotent of the Earth dropped to 25% and humanity moved into the Great Dark Age.

As an effort to seriously amplify men’s woes as possible all manner of irritants were brought in. Even eating the wrong kinds of foods cause many diseases which weren’t present in the earlier ages. Bacteria’s and viruses were introduced along with many of the insects on earth at this time, which of course were all lower etheric entities whose sole purpose is to bring as much suffering into humanities day-to-day life!

However the biggest negative addition was of the ‘ring pass not’ on earth. This was designed to trap man on earth, once the soul incarnated it would find it almost impossible to escape. To further add to this type of spiritual amnesia was applied so that once a being died they were quickly redirected before reaching the higher planes or God and reinserted into the ‘matrix’ created by the Demiurge as quickly as possible.

Even highly evolved souls who have never had lives on earth can find themselves stuck very easily once on earth. Of course such a soul wouldn’t incarnate without having an escape plan ready.

Of course all of this sounds very doom and gloomy!

It is important to know the true reality in which we are living today. It is also important to have the higher view as well as the lower. The higher beings in creation view this universe a bit like the movie like Star Wars. It is a great adventure!

Will they escape? Will humanity get to the new golden age? It is so unique because it earth is the only place in the whole of creation where free will truly exists.

In the higher and lower planes there is a limited field of experience. This is why earth needs to exist. There wasn’t the dark then there would be nothing for the light to do!

For example you wouldn’t have Star Wars without Darth Vader. It is the same on earth. And also from the perspective of the higher plane which is truth all beings are God – light or dark.

This reality all of this is just God experiencing God! That is the secret of life!

It is through the struggle of light and dark that we can realize our true self as God . . . . This is the goal of all spiritual movements, religions and esoteric practices.

Fortunately God hasn’t left us in the lurch. As lucky for us the Avatar comes to earth in the many forms we have heard of – Jesus, Krishna , Buddha, Rama. At the heart of any religious teaching you will find an Avatar!

It is said in the Hindu Scriptures by Krishna:

‘When goodness grows weak, when evil increases, I make myself body. In every age I come back, to deliver the holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness.’

The Avatar is God in human form. The Avatar incarnates often at the end of a world age. Of course much of the Demiurges mission is to mess up as much of the Avatars message, energy and teaching as possible. The last thing the Dark Lodge want you to do is to turn to the Avatar directly, as they have no power at all if you choose to do that!

The name of an Avatar is the most powerful energetic sword against the negativity. If you invoke the true name of Jesus Christ all negativity is automatically dispelled.

In Hinduism there are 10 Avatars which are direct manifestations on earth of God the father. At the end of the dark ages is said that the Kalki Avatar would come to destroy evil to lead man into the new golden age on earth. This Avatar is depicted on a white horse and carrying a sword. The Kalki Avatar is even mentioned in the Bible!


Revelation 19:11-16

Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name written that no one knows but himself. He is clothed in a robe dipped in[a] blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, were following him on white horses. From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.


Fortunately for us the Kalki Avatar has already come in the form of Avatar Meher Baba. During His advent on earth the world was transformed. The change we have now is all due to his work whilst he was in physical for on earth!


My present Avataric Form is the last incarnation of this cycle of time, hence my manifestation will be the greatest . . . All this world confusion and chaos was inevitable and no one is to blame. What had to happen has happened; and what has to happen will happen. There was and is no way out except through my coming in your midst. I had to come, and I have come. I am the Ancient One.’

– Avatar Meher Baba.



ROOT RACE                      BIBLICAL                           AVATAR                           

1ST ADAMIC                     GARDEN OF EDEN            N/A

2ND SUMERIAN               NOAH                                MATSYA

3RD LEMURIAN               BABYLON                          RAMA


5TH ARYAN                     END OF DAYS                   BUDDHA – JESUS


Inference and the Dark Lodge

Inference and the Dark Lodge

In this day and age we have a serious problem with interference from the Dark Lodge.

As a Lightworker you can find yourself facing all kinds of interference even in your day-to-day lives. It’s bad enough with all the new energies coming in bombarding you, new dimensions opening up and many streams of information being available at once. Such is the multidimensional reality that is opening up to us in the fifth density, or dimension.

Of course as a Lightworker you would have been facing much interference even since the day you were born.

The more potent you are spiritually speaking the more the Dark Lodge will try to cripple you in any way possible. You will of course find entities attached to any individual, however the more light you radiate the more potential entities gravitate towards you looking for something to eat!

This is why grounding is of paramount importance in this day and age. As well as the lower order of entities which are a little bit like energetic mosquito or flies, you will find more manipulative entities some of called Archons, or ‘anti-Angels’ if you like.

These entities sit within your Etheric body feeding off the negative emotional and mental energies. These entities are quite efficient at this job and therefore will try to feed you fears, desires and the like in order to elicit an emotional response.

You also have a higher order of negative extraterrestrials beings (Annunaki, Greys and Reptilian Races etc) that are polarized working within the fourth density. These guys try to limit Lightworkers potential by interfering with them energetically with implants, energetic abductions and the like.

In fact these beings on the fourth density are a real pain in the neck!

Within the 18,000 earths that we have existing now multidimensionally we have an increasing amount of beings that look to interfere with humans and humanity as a whole.

Someone once said as a Lightworker is a bit like trying to run a race with a broken leg!

Of course this interference on a personal level is a part of the interference by the Dark Lodge of the whole of humanity. The average human has been fairly well conditioned to be a limited in thought and energy output.

Of course the Dark Lodge have a bit of a problem as every single human is a powerful divine being in their own right. Therefore a major effort has been attempted against the whole of humanity to limit and control as much as possible.

This starts of course at birth (or death!) Where a soul is inserted into the Earth through the ‘ring pass not’ and the type of spiritual amnesia was applied which makes the soul forget its previous incarnations. Then the soul gravitates to the parents of its choice. With many Lightworkers this choices been interfered with and they may have found themselves inserted into families that they didn’t choose at in the point of incarnation.

They may find themselves in the wrong type of body, the wrong type of sex, the wrong family or soul group. The Dark Lodge will take and incarnating Lightworker who is probably chosen fairly  decent parents spiritually speaking and then try to insert them into a family that is aligned with the Dark Lodge and probably has a bit of a ‘witchy’ background!

Then the incarnating Lightworker, or Starseed has a real cleanup job and may take years and years to clear all the negative energies it was exposed to as a child.

Of course this starts all over again at death where the Dark Lodge of set up a ring pass not around the earth in the Etheric density.

For a soul leaving its body will find itself intercepted at death by the Dark Lodge who will pose as fake Ascended Masters, friends or relatives or even a fake version of a God or even the Avatar!

Of course what you see is based on your belief system. A Christian will see the kingdom of heaven, and Muslim may see Mohammed, someone into new-age principles may meet with Ascended Masters. It is all been very carefully orchestrated to tricking you into agreeing into another lifetime.

This of course is the key as we are beings with free will. The Dark Lodge cannot interfere with this unless we agree to it! Be very clear and very conscious of what you agree to . . .

Of course many Lightworkers are Divine Agents and may not fall for such devious tricks.

In fact the column of light you see when you die is in fact comes in fact from the ‘ring pass not’. This is why many Eastern spiritual practices involve the art of dropping the body correctly so that you can come out of the cycle of incarnation.

In Tibet there are many arts to do with dying and in India a Yogi can learn the correct breathing techniques and meditation techniques to be able to leave his body at will, before the point of death. This is also why there is a great tradition in India of chanting God’s name, so that the point of death  you remember to chant God’s name.

There are some who might spend 30 years chanting God’s name just to achieve this at the point of death and escape the cycle of incarnation!

Of course it all comes down to connection and intention. If you are a Divine Agent you may have the right correct connection with the true Ascended Masters, your true higher self, or the true Arch Angels and you may find it easy to bypass the fake agents of the Dark Lodge and get directly to source.

The problem is however the Dark Lodge is assisted in this reality by the Demiurge Density. Some might call this dimension Maya or the Matrix. This dimension is the home of the Dark Lodge as it exists as a separate bubble of Gods consciousness. It was created by God as a mirror opposite of God. As God is light and love, this lower God had to become fear and separation. This is in order for the full spectrum of experience on earth to exist.

That is unique within creation because beings can incarnate here and experience every form of emotion or thought, positive or negative!

The Demiurgic Density is quite intricate. Within it has created fake versions of the higher planes and all the Ascended Masters and Angels. It is the lower aspect of God and the Earth is created with in its illusionary reality.

It is if you like the ‘boss’ of the ‘Dark Lodge a bit like the real God is the ‘boss’ of the White Lodge!

There is been much information already about the White Lodge released to humanity about the higher beings, Ascended Masters, perfect masters and the Avatar.

However now it is important to have the truth about what the Dark Lodge have been getting up to so we can do something about it.

There has of course always been an active spiritual hierarchy on earth in India in the form of the 56 God Realized beings, the five Perfect Masters and of course the Avatar who all most always incarnates in India. This true hierarchy are the custodians of Earth in the spiritual sense.

It is they who is kept the light of the spirit burning for the whole of humanity throughout the Dark Age. The five Perfect Masters in particular govern not only life on this earth but within the multiverse.

The Avatar incarnates in many forms such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and so on. When an Avatar comes to earth it is to put humanity back on the path which is why the Avatar usually comes at the end of on earth age.

The Demiurge and the Dark Lodge however don’t want humanity to benefit from the visits of the Avatar or any of the work of the true spiritual hierarchy on earth!

Which is why around the teaching of any Avatar that comes to earth you will find a separate religion or movement has been put into place by the Demiurge and the Dark Lodge to try and subvert the energy and information of the one God, separating it into different Gods, different religions in order to create difference, disagreement and war.

We can see this most of course within Christianity would as which has been altered so much from Jesus’s original energy and teaching that it is almost impossible for any practicing Christian to reach the true God.

This is true everywhere of course!

The new age is the new religion therefore there is more, more misinformation being implanted into it to lead people astray. This can be seen fake channelings, the huge amount of new age books/teachers making things way too complicated . . .

The last thing the Dark Lodge or the Demiurge want is someone the same truth that the Avatar teaches when he comes to earth.

Go directly to God!

Do not go through any intermediaries who may, or may not be who they say they are. Remember that the Avatar’s don’t create the religions, it is the people who follow them afterwards.

May the Fathers Will be Done


Nicholas Russell