About me


Nicholas Russell is an Energy Worker who works beyond the layers of duality and directly with the energy of the Avatar and the Beyond God Essence.

In this way the work carried out is always in the Highest Aspect of God possible!

He does Soul Readings, Skype Sessions and also workshops on demand.

Order a Soul Reading Online: £90 GBP

Soul Readings are a snapshot of where you are now and where you need to go next according to your True Soul Purpose. These readings give you a perspective on this lifetime, and the particular Soul Aspect with which you are working. The reading comes in a written format that should be read repeatedly in order to absorb its true potential. The Soul Readings are sent to you via email. This is followed up with a 30 minute phone/skype/email consultation.


Skype Soul Guidance Session: £60 for 60 minutes

Here you get a chance to look at your present situation in life and what is needed to help you move forward. It is best to make the Skype/Phone call at a time when there are no other people around in the room you are in so you can get the full benefit of the Guidance Session.

Email: beyondgod2069@gmail.com