Interference and the Dark Lodge

In this day and age we have a serious problem with interference       Interference and the Planes

from the Dark Lodge!!

As a Lightworker you can find yourself facing all kinds of interference even in your day-to-day lives. It’s bad enough with all the new energies coming in bombarding you, new dimensions opening up and many streams of information being available at once. Such is the multidimensional reality that is opening up to us in the fifth density, or dimension.

Of course as a Lightworker you would have been facing much interference even since the day you were born.


The more potent you are spiritually speaking the more the Dark Lodge will try to cripple you in any way possible. You will of course find entities attached to any individual, however the more light you radiate the more potential entities gravitate towards you looking for something to eat!

This is why grounding is of paramount importance in this day and age. As well as the lower order of entities which are a little bit like energetic mosquito or flies, you will find more manipulative entities some of called Archons, or ‘anti-Angels’ if you like.

These entities sit within your Etheric body feeding off the negative emotional and mental energies. These entities are quite efficient at this job and therefore will try to feed you fears, desires and the like in order to elicit an emotional response.

You also have a higher order of negative extraterrestrials beings (Annunaki, Greys and Reptilian Races etc) that are polarized working within the fourth density. These guys try to limit Lightworkers potential by interfering with them energetically with implants, energetic abductions and the like.

In fact these beings on the fourth density are a real pain in the neck!

Within the 18,000 earths that we have existing now multidimensionally we have an increasing amount of beings that look to interfere with humans and humanity as a whole.

Someone once said as a Lightworker is a bit like trying to run a race with a broken leg!


Of course this interference on a personal level is a part of the interference by the Dark Lodge of the whole of humanity. The average human has been fairly well conditioned to be a limited in thought and energy output.

Of course the Dark Lodge have a bit of a problem as every single human is a powerful divine being in their own right. Therefore a major effort has been attempted against the whole of humanity to limit and control as much as possible.

This starts of course at birth (or death!) Where a soul is inserted into the Earth through the ‘ring pass not’ and the type of spiritual amnesia was applied which makes the soul forget its previous incarnations. Then the soul gravitates to the parents of its choice. With many Lightworkers this choices been interfered with and they may have found themselves inserted into families that they didn’t choose at in the point of incarnation.

They may find themselves in the wrong type of body, the wrong type of sex, the wrong family or soul group. The Dark Lodge will take and incarnating Lightworker who is probably chosen fairly  decent parents spiritually speaking and then try to insert them into a family that is aligned with the Dark Lodge and probably has a bit of a ‘witchy’ background!

Then the incarnating Lightworker, or Starseed has a real cleanup job and may take years and years to clear all the negative energies it was exposed to as a child.

Of course this starts all over again at death where the Dark Lodge of set up a ring pass not around the earth in the Etheric density.

For a soul leaving its body will find itself intercepted at death by the Dark Lodge who will pose as fake Ascended Masters, friends or relatives or even a fake version of a God or even the Avatar!

Of course what you see is based on your belief system. A Christian will see the kingdom of heaven, and Muslim may see Mohammed, someone into new-age principles may meet with Ascended Masters. It is all been very carefully orchestrated to tricking you into agreeing into another lifetime.

This of course is the key as we are beings with free will. The Dark Lodge cannot interfere with this unless we agree to it! Be very clear and very conscious of what you agree to . . .

Of course many Lightworkers are Divine Agents and may not fall for such devious tricks.

In fact the column of light you see when you die is in fact comes in fact from the ‘ring pass not’. This is why many Eastern spiritual practices involve the art of dropping the body correctly so that you can come out of the cycle of incarnation.

In Tibet there are many arts to do with dying and in India a Yogi can learn the correct breathing techniques and meditation techniques to be able to leave his body at will, before the point of death. This is also why there is a great tradition in India of chanting God’s name, so that the point of death  you remember to chant God’s name.

There are some who might spend 30 years chanting God’s name just to achieve this at the point of death and escape the cycle of incarnation!

Of course it all comes down to connection and intention. If you are a Divine Agent you may have the right correct connection with the true Ascended Masters, your true higher self, or the true Arch Angels and you may find it easy to bypass the fake agents of the Dark Lodge and get directly to source.

The problem is however the Dark Lodge is assisted in this reality by the Demiurge Density. Some might call this dimension Maya or the Matrix. This dimension is the home of the Dark Lodge as it exists as a separate bubble of Gods consciousness. It was created by God as a mirror opposite of God. As God is light and love, this lower God had to become fear and separation. This is in order for the full spectrum of experience on earth to exist.

That is unique within creation because beings can incarnate here and experience every form of emotion or thought, positive or negative!

The Demiurgic Density is quite intricate. Within it has created fake versions of the higher planes and all the Ascended Masters and Angels. It is the lower aspect of God and the Earth is created with in its illusionary reality.

It is if you like the ‘boss’ of the ‘Dark Lodge a bit like the real God is the ‘boss’ of the White Lodge!

There is been much information already about the White Lodge released to humanity about the higher beings, Ascended Masters, perfect masters and the Avatar.

However now it is important to have the truth about what the Dark Lodge have been getting up to so we can do something about it.

There has of course always been an active spiritual hierarchy on earth in India in the form of the 56 God Realized beings, the five Perfect Masters and of course the Avatar who all most always incarnates in India. This true hierarchy are the custodians of Earth in the spiritual sense.

It is they who is kept the light of the spirit burning for the whole of humanity throughout the Dark Age. The five Perfect Masters in particular govern not only life on this earth but within the multiverse.

The Avatar incarnates in many forms such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and so on. When an Avatar comes to earth it is to put humanity back on the path which is why the Avatar usually comes at the end of on earth age.

The Demiurge and the Dark Lodge however don’t want humanity to benefit from the visits of the Avatar or any of the work of the true spiritual hierarchy on earth!

Which is why around the teaching of any Avatar that comes to earth you will find a separate religion or movement has been put into place by the Demiurge and the Dark Lodge to try and subvert the energy and information of the one God, separating it into different Gods, different religions in order to create difference, disagreement and war.

We can see this most of course within Christianity would as which has been altered so much from Jesus’s original energy and teaching that it is almost impossible for any practicing Christian to reach the true God.

This is true everywhere of course!

The new age is the new religion therefore there is more, more misinformation being implanted into it to lead people astray. This can be seen fake channelings, the huge amount of new age books/teachers making things way too complicated . . .

The last thing the Dark Lodge or the Demiurge want is someone the same truth that the Avatar teaches when he comes to earth.

Go directly to God!

Do not go through any intermediaries who may, or may not be who they say they are. Remember that the Avatar’s don’t create the religions, it is the people who follow them afterwards.


May the Fathers Will be Done.



Nicholas Russell